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Bulbs, Seeds and Plants
The best online catalogs and places to shop for flower and vegetable seeds and bulbs and live plants. The following online seed catalogs are the top shops to browse for perennials, vines, shrubs, roses, groundcover and more. is a top source on the web for quality flower bulbs, perennial plants and other horticultural products.
Flower bulbs and seeds and plants

Bountiful Gardens
Sells untreated open-pollinated seed for vegetables, herbs, flowers, grains, green manures, compost and carbon crops.

Direct Gardening is one of the top gardening sites. They offer hundreds of plants, flowers, and trees for your yard and garden.
Plants, flowers, bulbs and more

Gardener's Supply Company
Thousands of innovative solutions, products and advice for the home and garden.
Vegetable gardening, plants and more
Gardening bulbs and flowering plants such as Hosta, Lilies, Perennials and Flowering Vines. Now a new line of tomatoes, herbs and peppers.

Hometown Seeds
Hometown offers a good variety of garden and flower seeds, including garden vegetable, annual flower, perennial flower, wildflower, herb, emergency storage and survival garden seeds, all non-genetically engineered.
Provides lawn, landscape and gardening products for everyone, from serious do-it-yourself landscapers to the novice gardener.
Perennials, bulbs, supplies and more

Nature Hills Nursery
Stocks a good assortment of live trees, shrubs and plants, along with seeds and accessories.
Nature Hills Nursery

Thompson & Morgan Flower and Vegetable Seeds
Huge selection of quality flower, vegetable and herb seeds, including rare, award winning, exclusive varieties. Planting and growing information is also available.

Seed Catalogs

Free Shipping:
MasterGardening has free ground shipping on orders over $100.

Sometimes you can find the garden supplies you need at one of the better auction sites. Check out our short list of the top sites to find used and new garden supplies and tools.

Flower bulbs and seeds

Bonsai Boy is the largest supplier of Bonsai Trees and supplies on the Internet offering plenty of neat indoor items.

Gardeners products

Other good Sites:
Smith & Hawken
Jackson & Perkins

If you know of a good garden site that we don't have listed — please let us know.

"The hundreds of daffodils we planted from came up great! Neighbors can't stop telling us how much they like them!" B.H.

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